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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Proper Sanitation in a Salon

When you go to a salon and see a jar of blue liquid and your stylist submerses his or her hair tools in it, don’t be alarmed; it’s for your safety and the safety of your hair. That blue liquid is called barbicide and it is created to kill germs, fungus and bacteria from combs, razors, scissors and other hair tools.
Did you know, however, that the use of this liquid is required by state law? That’s right. The government wants all salons to promote a safe and clean environment so there are a few rules that come along with the business of cosmetology.
In fact, inspectors do routine checks at barber shops and salons to make sure the barbicide colors and levels are up to state standards.
These sanitary jars are usually made from sturdy glass and stainless steel and some even have a rubber ring at the bottom added for stability. The blue disinfectant inside the jars is made to be effective against staph, herpes, influenza (including H1N1), salmonella, HIV-1, Hepatitis B (HBV) & C (HBC), MRSA, VRE and more. You can imagine just how powerful this substance is.
Your salon pros, and of course BigDaddyBeauty, want you safe and healthy! So the next time you go in for a cut or color, make sure your salon is up to code with state sanitization standards - look for the bottle of blue liquid.
To see more barbicide products visit BigDaddyBeauty’s website. Or, to find out your state’s rules on sanitation in a salon, click here for a list of contact info to your state’s board of cosmetology.  

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