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Friday, June 22, 2012

Benefits of Gel Nails vs. Acrylic Nails

By now you know that gel nails are a superb alternative to acrylic nails or basic manicures. The most important fact about gel nails you have been introduced to is that they are long lasting, surviving weeks with no chipping. But just in case you were wondering, there are several other benefits to switching to gel nails. We’ve compiled a list of reasons we love gel nails and why you should too!

Gel nails look natural – A special base coat is applied and cured to your actual nail creating a natural and healthy look. No artificial nail pieces are needed to achieve gel nails. And as a result, gel nails can be worn with or without polish.

Gel nails are easy to do at home - All you need is the Lomasi gel nails home manicure kit! It comes with all of the tools you need to get salon-like gel nails but in the comfort of your own home.

Gel nails dry quicker – Because a special UV or LED light is used to cure the gel polishes, gel nails cut down on drying time.

With gel nails you can use regular polish or gel polish – As we stated before, a special base coat is applied creating the gel affect. After the clear base coat is cured, then the color polish can be put on. As long as you are using the special gel nails base coat, then any polish can be applied –gel or traditional nail polish.

Gel nails strengthen and condition natural nails – Unlike acrylic nails, your nails don’t need to be filed and buffed. This gives your nails the opportunity to grow and strengthen within two weeks.  

Hundreds of color options – Although you can use regular nail polish while still achieving gel nails, companies like Gelish and Lomasi have created hundreds of color options to give you the best looking and best colored gel nails out there. Plus you can get artsy with it and get your gel nails with creative nail art.

The removal process is easy – Removing gel nails does not harm or damage your natural nails. All you have to do is use a gel nail polish remover and a nail stick tool to remove the excess gel. It’s quick, simple and painless.

We hope we dropped a little knowledge on you, so go and spread the word by filling your friends in on these benefits. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beauty Essentials for the Beach

Now that it’s officially summer, it’s time to hit the beach! But before you load up the car and travel to your sandy destination, here’s a list of a few beach day essentials to cover your beauty needs.

SPF Lip Balm
You know to pack your sunscreen in order to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays, but don’t forget to snag some protection for your lips too. Bask Heavenly Lips Lip Balm is an SPF 30 made of a moisturizing base of Apricot, Soy, Olive and Jojoba oil. Plus, Bask Heavenly Lips not only protects your lips, it also protects your nose and tattoos!

After spending all day in the water, your skin becomes dry. Bring it back to life with Hempz Lotion. 100% vegan and herbal, Hempz Lotion is contains the calming properties of shea butter and ginseng as well as vitamins A, C and E.

Nail Polish
You’ve got to hit the beach in style plus, having the perfect pops of color on your nails will make for great Facebook and Instagram photos! So check out the China Glaze Summer Neons collection. There are tons of beach-friendly colors like I’m With The Lifeguard, Love’s A Beach and Sun-Kissed. You can even create some fun nail art to match your teeny weeny bikini.

Shampoo and Conditioner
It seems like it will be a pretty lovely summer, and that means lots of days at the beach and the pool. But spending lots of time in the water can affect your hair. Keep it healthy and clean by using Malibu Swimmers shampoo and conditioner. This collection is made specifically for those who spend lots of time in the water as it is made with natural ingredients to rid your hair of chemical residue and fortifies your hair with natural ingredients.

Now that you've got your beach essentials, go have a blast at the beach and don’t forget your favorite sunnies! 

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skin and Hair Care Products Perfect for the Summer

While we may believe water is the purest thing on Earth, we must think again. Water harbors harmful minerals that may contribute to long-term hair and skin damage.  However, Malibu products were created specially to cleanse your skin and hair of these impurities. Malibu’s powerful vitamin complex gently removes damaging toxins and unwanted residue. As a result, hair becomes shinier and full of life while skin appears smoother, softer and more luminous. 

Perfect for the summer, Malibu will become your favorite product brand as you spend lots of time in chlorine water from pools, salt water from the ocean and of course, in the shower. With that, Malibu has a full line of shampoos, conditioners and skin care products that are 100% vegan. As Malibu products are vegan, this means there are no harsh chemicals and most importantly, no use of animal products.  Plus, Malibu is environmentally conscious and has created its products with eco-friendly packaging.
Pre-existing scalp conditions like dandruff and eczema can be worsened by chemicals in water. But don’t let that stop you from hopping in the pool on your summer vacay. Condition and revive your hair with products from Malibu’s Scalp Wellness line. These products use natural ingredients to help you achieve a healthy scalp and healthy hair.
Let’s face it; we load our hair up with product all the time to get that perfectly styled look. But over time, all the buildup of products becomes damaging to your hair. This is why Malibu created clarifying shampoo. This shampoo safely and gently removes gels, oils, hair spray and mousses from your hair.
Aside from hair products, Malibu has a full line of skin care products which also are vegan.  Malibu skin care products protect your skin from the harmful effects of water and other environmental toxins that can be damaging to your skin.

Malibu Skin Care: Malibu Body Cover Moisturizer 8oz

Malibu products protect against a lot of things, and they also protect color-treated hair against harmful chemicals in the water. By using Malibu Color Wellness products you are giving your hair special treatment by allowing color to last longer and look great all while enduring summer activities.  

You may feel as though you should have been born a fish because you spend so much time in the water. But don’t begin to avoid the water because it is doing things to your hair that you don’t approve of. Try Malibu Swimmers. This collection is made just for you, giving water lovers perfect hair protection from harsh chemicals that dry out or damage your hair.
For those of you who live in an area where you mainly use well water, you are aware of how rough it can be on your hair. But with this Malibu collection made specifically to help and treat hair damaged by well water, you will be very impressed. Well water can contain calcium, copper, iron and/or magnesium which can cause dry, discolored hair, but Malibu Well Water products remove unwanted minerals from you hair, leaving you with healthy, manageable hair.  

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Dos and Don'ts of Exfoliating

How often do you exfoliate? Is it never, not enough or too often? Here’s a guide to help you answer your questions about exfoliation.

How the skin works:
Your body generates skin cells frequently, and over time the bottom layer of skin cells rise to the top layer of your body then gradually die. Now that you have acquired dead skin cells, it is important to make room for the new skin cells to surface or your skin will become rough and dry. Plus, a build-up of dead skin cells can lead to acne and other skin irritations. So with that, exfoliation results in silky, smooth and healthy skin. Not to mention, the removal of dead, dry skin cells in the exfoliation process makes using products like moisturizers and self-tanners more effective.

So now that you know how the skin works, here are a few dos and don’ts of exfoliating:
DO exfoliate year-round. While skin is naturally more moisturized in the spring and summer, exfoliation is still necessary. However, in the fall and winter when your skin is its driest, this is when you need to exfoliate the most.
DON’T exfoliate too much. Too much exfoliation can damage your skin or make existing damage worse.
DO exfoliate about twice a week. This is the average amount of times a person should exfoliate in a week. Too much can be bad and so can too little. Two is just enough.  
DON’T use washcloths or sponges to exfoliate. Using your bare hand is your best bet to apply exfoliating scrubs. Washcloths and sponges absorb anything they come in contact with and remain damp harboring old skin cells and bacteria. Over time, this can become unhealthy and damaging to your skin.

Now that you have the facts, it’s time to get your scrub on. Browse through these exfoliating products to see what sparks your interest. 
Happy exfoliating! 

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Not All Brushes are Created Equal

You may be stuck on using one particular brush for everything you do to your hair, but did you know that different brushes offer different results? That’s why carries a variety of hair brushes to suit your individual hair and styling needs. Here’s what each brush does for your locks.

Barrel Brush:
This type of brush is made for achieving curl, but specifically for hair straightening needs. Use a barrel brush when you blow dry your hair in order to get better, straighter results. And a boar bristle barrel hair brush is even better as it helps you maintain control when blow drying. It also helps distribute your hair’s natural oils resulting in a perfect shine. Barrel brushes are great for at home or salon use and are created with thick or thin bristles depending on the type of hair it is used on. 

Paddle Brush:
The paddle brush is most likely your go-to brush. The shape of a paddle brush is strategically created to perfectly fit to your head giving you smooth results with every stroke. But while each paddle brush is made just for you, you must figure out which type is actually the best. Boar bristle paddle brushes work well with long, frizzy hair. While a cushion brush is better for short to medium hair with less or no frizz. 

Vented Brush:
Vented hair brushes are most commonly used for adding lift and volume to your hair but the openness of the brush design allows for air flow to the hair, resulting in a quicker blow dry time. Vented brushes also give your hair movement and help to easily style hair after it has been curled. This is a great brush for those with medium to thick hair because it helps to decrease tangling. 

SpornetteMetro AntiStatic Tunnel Vent Hair Brush 

Hot Air Brush:
Hot air brushes are unique devices that can be described as a brush and blow dryer in one. Hot air brushes release heat so that you can essentially dry and style your hair at the same time. It also frees up your second hand that would usually be using a brush or blow dryer so you can now do your hair one-handed. 

Now that you know the benefits of different brush types, you have endless hair styling possibilities. Shop for tons of brush options and brands and let us know which brush or brushes work best on your hair.  

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