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Monday, September 17, 2012

How to get Newspaper Nails

What you’ll need

1.       Nail polish
2.       Newspaper
3.       Rubbing alcohol
4.       Base coat/Top coat

Start off with a base coat then paint your nails in a light grey, nude or white nail polish color. Other colors may be used for this nail art technique but a grey or white will help the ink from the newspaper show up on the nails much better.

Let your nails completely dry. One coat will suffice but remember to not put a top coat on yet. 

Pour rubbing alcohol into a small container or bowl and dip your nail in the alcohol for about 5 seconds so that the nail polish can absorb the alcohol. Then take a small piece of newspaper and press it on the alcohol-soaked nail for about 15 seconds. Be gentle but firm enough that the ink from the newspaper transfers to the nail.

Once you peel the newspaper away from your nail, you may need to clean up the skin a little bit from excess ink. Just use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to remove the left over ink.

Continue the process on each nail then seal in the newspaper ink with a top coat. A top coat is important for all manicures but especially helps maintain the newspaper nails manicure for a longer period of time. It will stop the ink from rubbing off as well as give your nails some extra shine.

This is a fun and easy nail art technique that can be done on any nail art lover. Have fun! 

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lucky Tiger Male Grooming Products

It is probably well known that most of the Big Daddy Beauty clientele are women. But, there in fact are a good amount of male customers who shop our beauty supply selection too. That’s why we now offer Lucky Tiger for men and their grooming needs.

Lucky Tiger is a trusted brand that has been around since 1935 and it all started with a tonic for the hair and scalp made by P.S. Harris. After great success with this product, the scientist/barber trademarked the solution and created the Lucky Tiger Brand. Now folks can get a little bit luckier when they visit Big Daddy Beauty to find Lucky Tiger products.

Lucky Tiger is all about helping men look and feel their very best with the help of high quality and unique grooming products. The brand includes products from shaving cream to lip balm and even muscle rub. These products are made from high quality and natural, certified organic ingredients which are also made with nourishing antioxidants and vitamins.

Lucky Tiger has been around for centuries giving generations of men the opportunity to look and feel their best. Now you have the opportunity to do so here at Big Daddy Beauty! 

Lucky Tiger products include:

  • Shaving Cream 
  • Face Wash
  • Face Scrub
  • Moisturizer
  • Plush Shampoo
  • Body Wash
  • Ointments 
  • Cleansing Cream
  • After Shave
  • Hair Tonic
  • and more

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