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Friday, March 22, 2013

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Bangs are a hot topic right now and if you are thinking about switching up your do for the spring and summer, bangs will be the perfect style choice as they actually have benefits.

Bangin’ Benefits:
There is a bang for every face shape
Bangs have the ability to make you look younger
Bangs are on-trend for spring/summer 2013
Even though they are very trendy right now, bangs are essentially timeless

Bangs to match your face shape:

Oval – Be proud of your oval shaped face because you can pull off any bang. “Oval shapes can get away with any type of bang”, said celebrity hair stylist Jet Rhys. The oval structure of a face makes the way bangs are laid look good no matter what form they are in. So if you are deciding on a specific bang style, any one you pick will be perfect!

Heart – Heart-shaped faces have a thinner chin area so heavy bangs that are a bit shorter in the middle and drift off to lengthier bangs at the cheek bones will suit you well. This type of bang, known as a boho bang will sit well on your face in proportion with the heart-like shape of your forehead and chin.  

Square – Those with square-shaped faces should think about trying bangs with soft layering at the cheekbones to frame the face and accentuate the shape. You should, however, stay away from extra thick fringe as it will not flatter a square face.

Round – For a round face, side swipe bangs or asymmetrical bangs will be your best bet. This bang shape will offset the round shape of your face to perfectly balance everything out. You won’t want horizontal bangs, though. These will draw attention to the widest part of your face. 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fall Hair Trend Predictions

Straight from the runways of New York Fashion Week, here are our Fall/Winter 2013 hair trend predictions:

Christian Sirano and Carolina Herrera were among the many designers who opted for pulled back hair as their runway hair looks. Both showed hair parted down the middle and perfectly slicked back into braided buns. For fall/winter 2013, this beauty look is perfectly transitional. It can be worn for a day at work or a night out.

To re-create the look you will need:
·         A rattail comb to create the perfect part
·         A hair brush and hair spray to perfectly smooth down the flyaways
·         Braiding skills
·         Bobby pins to hold the style in place

Another hot trend we bet you’ll see in the fall requires little to no effort which is perfect for the trendy girl-on-the-go. We predict lots of hat hair! Hat hair meaning cute, knitted beanies will top the heads of many.  Some designers who chose to showcase this look were Rebecca Minkoff and BCBG Max Azria.

To re-create the look you will need:
  • A hat! 

Check out more of the beauty looks and fabulous clothes from New York Fashion Week here

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Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Nail Polish Ring

Get crafty with your nail polish and use it for things other than your nails!

What you’ll need:
1.       Glass jewels (you can find these at a craft store)
2.       Your favorite nail polish colors and a clear top coat (shop our nail polishes here)
3.       Ring blank (you can also find this at a craft store)
4.       Very strong glue (used for glass/metal)

STEP 1 – Apply a coat of top coat to the jewel and let it dry

STEP 2 – Apply a coat of nail polish over the top coat and let it dry

STEP 3 – Choose another color polish and apply a coat over the last coat

STEP 4 – Let polish dry and apply another color coat (it is up to you how many colors you want to include on your ring)

*Remember to only apply the polish to one side of the glass jewel*

STEP 5 – Make sure the polish is completely dry. Apply glue to the back of the jewel and secure the ring blank.

And there you have it – a fabulous and unique nail polish ring! 

For an in depth tutorial, check out the this video by Craft Klatch. We came across Craft Klatch's YouTube Channel and wanted to share this spectacular DIY project!

Photo credit: Craft Klatch 

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Advice for Nail Pros

Hey, Nail Technicians! There are a few things you should consider when it comes to creatively enhancing your craft. Check out these tips to help improve or increase your nail business.

Build a clientele:
Obviously you need clients to keep a business going but how do you get those customers to want to come to your salon and get their nails done?  The number one way to bring in new customers is through word of mouth! Other suggestions are: using the power of social media, attending trade shows and fashion shows to show off your work, network with local bloggers (the nail blogging community is huge!) and hold special events to capture interest. And speaking of nail bloggers, check out our Top Big Daddy Beauty Nail Bloggers here.

Create a welcoming atmosphere:
There is lots of competition out there so you want to find something that will make your business stand out from the rest.  Be sure your salon or mobile salon is clean, nicely decorated and stocked with the best products. And remember you don’t have to break the bank purchasing nail salon supplies. offers tons of nail salon supplies and other beauty supplies at affordable prices. Plus, our sister site provides products to licensed professionals including nail techs at discounted prices.

Create a unique atmosphere:
Aside from having great products to use on your customers, one up the competition and include things in your salon that are relatable to the customers as well as something nice for them to look at. Of course you will want magazines and possibly a television to entertain customers as they wait for their turn in your chair but include a few out of the box items as well like candy, trendy d├ęcor, a box of tissues at each station, business cards and Barbicide jars and cotton jars with cute covers like Salon Skins.

Learn new techniques:
The beauty industry is always changing with new and innovative techniques. Right now gel nails and stiletto nails are gracing the hands of women all over so you should be able to offer your clients these options. It is also important to stay on top of the trends because before you know it those fancy claw nails will be out and something else will be in. Read magazines, stay on top of blogs and network with other industry pros in order to keep abreast of what your customers will want to see on their nails. 

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Benefits of Pedicures

It's cold outside so it’s only natural that you want to keep your feet inside. However, that doesn't mean you have to stop getting pedicures for the season. We love manis and pedis and know you do too so here are a few reasons why it's good to continue to pamper your feet even in the fall and winter months. 

Pedicures are relaxing
We encounter stress all year long but it seems to heighten when temperatures drop. Take some time out of your busy schedule to do something nice for yourself by getting a pedicure. When your nail tech begins to massage your feet and create a silky smooth feeling for your toes, you will instantly smile and forget about that crazy day you had at work. And don't forget you can give yourself a pedicure at home too! 

Pedicures are healthy for your feet
As our feet are cooped up inside boots all season, it is important to remember to let them breathe. Of course you remove your shoes and put your feet up after a long day but they need a little more attention than that. Sweating in your shoes can cause a buildup of bacteria and can possibly cause fungus in the toenails. We certainly don't want that, do we? Well, with a pedicure, you can eliminate the risk of a bacteria buildup, keeping feet and toes nice and healthy.     

Pedicures keep feet looking and feeling great
Getting your toes all dolled up with pretty polishes is quite fun and fabulous to look at but getting your heels buffed and removing all the dead skin makes your feet feel incredible! Walking becomes like air and you feel like a fresh new person.

And to top it off, at, we offer some pretty cool products that allow your feet to stay soft and smooth after a pedicure. PediSavers keep feet warm while your toes are drying plus they lock in moisture long after a pedicure. We also offer Justin Blair leopard print gel heel socks that work to repair cracked and damaged heels.

For all of your pedicure needs, shop here

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Huge Holiday Nail Polish Sale

We know you love nail polish so our gift to you this holiday season is more nail polish ON SALE!

Use coupon code: Polish10 and receive 10% off your favorite  nail polish including regular nail polish and gel nail polish by brands like China Glaze, Gelish and more!

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to Dress Up Your Hair With Jewlery

If you’re in to beauty, chances are you dig fashion too. And this could mean that you have a decent jewelry collection. So we’re here to give you tips on how to transform your jewelry box into a box full of hair accessories.
Dolling up hair with jewelry is a great way to add drama to any hair style for example, you can:

Use bracelets as hair ties
Often times we see hair ties used as bracelets but the other way around can work too! If one or some of your bracelets have a little give and can be wrapped around a ponytail, try this look out. Jeweled bracelets with elastic bands will be the easiest to use. Simply secure a ponytail with a hair tie then wrap the bracelet around the base 
of the ponytail to add a fun look.

Use necklaces as headbands
Much like the above option, you can use a fun, jewel-themed necklace as a headband. Leave hair down or up and once your hair is styled to your liking, add the perfect necklace to your do. Because necklaces are not essentially created for hair, you may have to secure the necklace to your hair with hair pins. A statement necklace or a choker can work great doubling as a headband for a glamorous night out.

Use broaches as hair accessories
Broaches are classic pieces that can be worn on clothes and yes, even hair! Adding a broach to an up-do adds an elegant and feminine touch, all you have to do is find the perfect broach, place the broach in the desired area of hair and secure it with hair pins. Use a broach to jazz up your hair style for any occasion. 

Check out this cool video below via Marie Claire showing more ways to accessorize hair with jewelry

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