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Friday, March 22, 2013

Bang, Bang, Bang!

Bangs are a hot topic right now and if you are thinking about switching up your do for the spring and summer, bangs will be the perfect style choice as they actually have benefits.

Bangin’ Benefits:
There is a bang for every face shape
Bangs have the ability to make you look younger
Bangs are on-trend for spring/summer 2013
Even though they are very trendy right now, bangs are essentially timeless

Bangs to match your face shape:

Oval – Be proud of your oval shaped face because you can pull off any bang. “Oval shapes can get away with any type of bang”, said celebrity hair stylist Jet Rhys. The oval structure of a face makes the way bangs are laid look good no matter what form they are in. So if you are deciding on a specific bang style, any one you pick will be perfect!

Heart – Heart-shaped faces have a thinner chin area so heavy bangs that are a bit shorter in the middle and drift off to lengthier bangs at the cheek bones will suit you well. This type of bang, known as a boho bang will sit well on your face in proportion with the heart-like shape of your forehead and chin.  

Square – Those with square-shaped faces should think about trying bangs with soft layering at the cheekbones to frame the face and accentuate the shape. You should, however, stay away from extra thick fringe as it will not flatter a square face.

Round – For a round face, side swipe bangs or asymmetrical bangs will be your best bet. This bang shape will offset the round shape of your face to perfectly balance everything out. You won’t want horizontal bangs, though. These will draw attention to the widest part of your face. 

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