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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hugely Popular Gel Nails Are Here to Stay

Gel or acrylic?

If you're headed to the salon to get your nails done, you certainly have a lot of options. Many women opt for false nails over natural manicures because of issues with their own problem nails, daily activities that cause natural nails to frequently break, uneven or too-short nail length, or compulsive habits like nail-biting. Others just simply like the look better, or desire certain designs (like airbrushing and rhinestone application) that are much more difficult to do on natural nails. If you decide to have false nails applied to your natural nails, the question you must ultimately answer is: gel or acrylic?

Acrylics have been a staple in the beauty industry since the 1950s. For more than five decades acrylics were the only option for women who hoped to improve the appearance of their nails by applying false nails. Acrylic nails are applied by filing down the natural nail then adding a false nail over top with acrylic. The acrylic hardens when exposed to air, creating a hard, protective layer over your natural nail that is perfect for applying nail polish and designs.

Gel nails are still relatively new, but they have already become hugely popular. Many prefer them because they provide the strength and longevity of acrylic nails but with the appearance of natural nails, and are also less damaging to the natural nail itself. Gel nails have a faster curing time than acrylics and are also a safer, more eco-friendly option because they don't use the same toxic chemicals that acrylics do.

Gel nails are done in three coats, each of which must be cured under a UV light. At Big Daddy Beauty we carry a full line of gel nail systems including Gelish, the optimal choice for professional-quality gel nails. Unlike other gel nail systems, Gelish is applied like normal nail polish (instead of with a brush and pot), and is also much easier to remove (the only criticism most consumers have with gel nails is how hard they are to remove). We carry over 70 different colors of Gelish polish as well as their full line of gel nail products and UV/LED lamps for a complete do-it-yourself gel nail manicure!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nail Solutions: From Dry, Peeling Nails to Nail Fungus

We all want shiny hair, glowing skin, a pearly white smile - these are signs of health, youth and vitality. But another outward sign of physical health that we take more for granted are healthy nails. No matter how good the manicure or the gel nails may look, the natural nails left underneath need care and attention too.

Problem nails can also be a sign of more serious health problems, and need to be given immediate attention and treatment. Problem nails can occur from a number of factors including aging, trauma, infection, skin diseases and even a poor diet, but are usually easy to treat. We offer a full line of solutions for a variety of common nail problems with our Nail Treatment Products.

Problem: Soft, Peeling; Dry, Brittle; Difficult, Resistant Nails

Solution: Growth Accelerator

Weakness of the nails can manifest in nails being too soft and peeling or too dry and brittle. All of these conditions can be easily treated simply by using a growth accelerator. Growth accelerators increase the strength of nails by causing them to grow faster and thicker, leading to stronger, healthier, smoother nails. We also have a range of nail strengthening products specifically designed for severely weak nails that have been resistant to other treatments.

Problem: Nail Fungus

Solution: Anti-Fungal Treatments

Fungal nail infections account for nearly one-half of all nail disorders. Infections occur when a fungus grows under the growing portion of the nail and spreads up the finger or toe along the nail bed. If left untreated the condition will only worsen, leading to unsightly disfigured nails, pain and discomfort, and even loss of the nail itself.Fungal nail infections can occur in both fingers and toes and can affect one or several different nails.

Fungal nail infections can be identified by a thickening of the nail and separating from the nail bed, as well as red, swollen skin around the area of the nail. Fungal nail infections can happen to anyone, but are particularly prevalent in people with Athlete's Foot (the two infections are very commonly related). Our anti-fungal treatments not only treat the infected nail, but also cure most Athlete's Foot and Ringworm infections as well as remove the itchy, scaly skin between toes, restoring your feet and nails to their natural, healthy state.

Problem: Infected Cuticles and Unwanted Cuticle Growth

Solution: Cuticle Treatments

Your nail cuticles act as a barrier against bacteria for your body. Cutting cuticles damages them, but there are ways to remove unwanted cuticle growth without injuring the cuticle and causing further irritation that can lead to infection.

Redness and swelling around the nail cuticle are signs of possible infection, which needs to be treated. Our cuticle treatments eliminate the need for nipping and cutting cuticles and treat potential infections, while also keeping cuticles nourished and conditioned so they don't peel or become inflamed.

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