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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to Dress Up Your Hair With Jewlery

If you’re in to beauty, chances are you dig fashion too. And this could mean that you have a decent jewelry collection. So we’re here to give you tips on how to transform your jewelry box into a box full of hair accessories.
Dolling up hair with jewelry is a great way to add drama to any hair style for example, you can:

Use bracelets as hair ties
Often times we see hair ties used as bracelets but the other way around can work too! If one or some of your bracelets have a little give and can be wrapped around a ponytail, try this look out. Jeweled bracelets with elastic bands will be the easiest to use. Simply secure a ponytail with a hair tie then wrap the bracelet around the base 
of the ponytail to add a fun look.

Use necklaces as headbands
Much like the above option, you can use a fun, jewel-themed necklace as a headband. Leave hair down or up and once your hair is styled to your liking, add the perfect necklace to your do. Because necklaces are not essentially created for hair, you may have to secure the necklace to your hair with hair pins. A statement necklace or a choker can work great doubling as a headband for a glamorous night out.

Use broaches as hair accessories
Broaches are classic pieces that can be worn on clothes and yes, even hair! Adding a broach to an up-do adds an elegant and feminine touch, all you have to do is find the perfect broach, place the broach in the desired area of hair and secure it with hair pins. Use a broach to jazz up your hair style for any occasion. 

Check out this cool video below via Marie Claire showing more ways to accessorize hair with jewelry

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