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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Dos and Don'ts of Exfoliating

How often do you exfoliate? Is it never, not enough or too often? Here’s a guide to help you answer your questions about exfoliation.

How the skin works:
Your body generates skin cells frequently, and over time the bottom layer of skin cells rise to the top layer of your body then gradually die. Now that you have acquired dead skin cells, it is important to make room for the new skin cells to surface or your skin will become rough and dry. Plus, a build-up of dead skin cells can lead to acne and other skin irritations. So with that, exfoliation results in silky, smooth and healthy skin. Not to mention, the removal of dead, dry skin cells in the exfoliation process makes using products like moisturizers and self-tanners more effective.

So now that you know how the skin works, here are a few dos and don’ts of exfoliating:
DO exfoliate year-round. While skin is naturally more moisturized in the spring and summer, exfoliation is still necessary. However, in the fall and winter when your skin is its driest, this is when you need to exfoliate the most.
DON’T exfoliate too much. Too much exfoliation can damage your skin or make existing damage worse.
DO exfoliate about twice a week. This is the average amount of times a person should exfoliate in a week. Too much can be bad and so can too little. Two is just enough.  
DON’T use washcloths or sponges to exfoliate. Using your bare hand is your best bet to apply exfoliating scrubs. Washcloths and sponges absorb anything they come in contact with and remain damp harboring old skin cells and bacteria. Over time, this can become unhealthy and damaging to your skin.

Now that you have the facts, it’s time to get your scrub on. Browse through these exfoliating products to see what sparks your interest. 
Happy exfoliating! 

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