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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Customers say, "Hempz is the best!"

We can tell you that Hempz Lotion contains pure organic hemp seed oil with nutrients and vitamins to protect the skin. Or we can tell you that Hemp Seeds are rich in Vitamins E, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6, plus they contain about 25% protein, 30% carbohydrates, 15% nutrients, 15% key minerals and 15% fiber. Or we can even tell you that Hempz Lotion helps improve the overall health and condition of skin.  But we won’t bore you with all of the scientific stuff. Instead let’s cut to the chase. Hempz lotion is amazing!

Here's what Big Daddy Beauty customers are saying about Hempz: 

Best Lotion....... This lotion not only smells great but it also helps the driest of skin. Love it!!" – Nicole

“Best moisturizing lotion out there!. My nails, cuticles and elbows have been so dry this year. I have tried just about everything and was thrilled to finally find Hempz. I am a loyal user now as it absorbs and moisturizes extremely well and lasts. I love to apply it multiple times a day and my skin feels great and is no longer dry! None is wasted either as it doesn't stick to the inside of the container. Love this stuff!” – Anonymous

“The best lotion I have ever used. I would recommend this lotion to everyone. It works amazing and men and women both love the smell.” – Anonymous

“I like lotion that goes on without a greasy feel and will stay on my skin more than ½ hour.  When I put on the Hempz, my skin feels smooth all day. I’m not a person who likes super strong smelling products so the original is just right.” – Sue

Hemp has been used for thousands of years to make a variety of items such as paper, rope, medicines and ships’ sails, as well as many other applications like textiles, food, clothing and biodiesel fuel. But the Hempz brand has found use for hemp in a more beautiful way – for your skin.
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