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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get the Perfect Glow: Tanning Tips

Summer is officially peeking at us from around the corner but there are many people out there who would rather maintain a summer glow year-round. And it’s possible. Indoor tanning and self-tanning lotions are the keys to staying bronze in the dead of winter, and, during the heat of summer.

It doesn’t matter if you are tanning in January or tanning in July, there are important things to remember to achieve the best tan possible.

Use an exfoliating cleanser like Neocutis NeoCleanse before indoor, outdoor or self-tanning. This will remove dead skin, dirt and residue allowing your new bronzy pigment to stand out.

Timing is everything:
If you are planning to tan outside on a nice sunny summer day, remember the sun’s rays are the strongest between the hours of 11am and 3pm. If you have fair skin, the risk of burning is much higher so you may want to wait to lay poolside until after 3pm. And never, ever forget to put on your sunscreen no matter what the time of day.

The aftermath:
After tanning either indoor or outdoor, it is important to shower. But don’t use soap! Rinse yourself off with water and avoid using wash cloths or loofahs. Don’t shower immediately after tanning. It is best to wait a few hours. You should also be sure to apply moisturizer before tanning and after showering. The moisturizer will help to lock in the color.

If you foresee using a self-tanning spray or lotion remember not to put too much on. With advances in technology, most brands have found ways to eliminate streaks and clumps but there is still room for error. Be cautious of the amount you put on your skin so that you can maintain a more natural look.

Practice makes perfect:
Also on the topic of self-tanners, be sure to test the lotion on a small part of your body before you apply the rest. Take a small amount and choose an area of the body that won’t be seen by the rest of the world and apply the self-tanner to your skin. This should help you figure out the perfect amount needed to create a natural look, plus you can practice the circular motion you will be using to apply the self-tanner.

Indoor Tanning:
Select a tanning lotion that is best for you and be sure to apply it before hitting the tanning bed. These lotions will help to protect your skin from the UV Rays omitted in the tanning bed plus they will help to enhance your golden color. And you’re in luck because is offing a 30 pack of indoor tanning lotions for just $19.99! They smell awesome too.

Reading is fundamental:
Be sure to read the directions on any self-tanner. From beginners to pro, each brand may be different resulting in a different application process. Also be sure to listen to directions the associate at your local tanning salon gives you. You wouldn’t want to leave oompa loompa orange!

If you decide to use a self-tanning lotion apply right before bed this will help the tan set in faster and easier! 
But wear PJs you don’t mind getting excess product on.

Happy tanning! 

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  1. I've been tanning my skin for about 4 years now, looking for some products like this. How much does it cost in a store or even in supermarkets? I just bought a new tanning bed at mercolatanning bed, is it ok that I bought it? Or do you have any other suggestions?

  2. Hi Diana, prices range between products and establishments. At, our tanning products are no more than $25. Is the tanning bed you purchased for your home? If so, that is fine but just be cautious of your usage. Be sure to apply the proper moisturizers and lotions before and after tanning.