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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fall 2012 Hair Trends

By looking at the runways, we can tell not only what fashions will be trendy each season but also which hairstyles will be “in”. And by the looks of the models from New York to Paris and even Milan, the two biggest hair trends for fall 2012 will be precise pony’s and slick, straight locks.

Perfect, pulled back ponytails will be all the rage for fall and winter 2012. This means you’ll need to load up on hair spray, hair ties and a brush that prevents frizz and adds shine. You will want to reduce the amount of fly-aways in order to create the perfectly slicked back look by using hair spray to keep everything in place. Also, you can use a brush like the Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Mega Thermal Round Brush to help decrease frizz and add shine. This brush will distribute your hair’s natural oils in order to add shine and complete the look of this sassy fall hair trend.

Look from the Fall 2012 BCBG fashion show

Straight, low-volume hair will be another big trend this coming season. To achieve this look, you’ll need your trusty flat iron. Perfectly ironed locks will set the tone for fall hair fashion. But if you want to get your hair as straight as possible, try a keratin treatment. Keratin treatments like One N Only's Brazilian Tech Keratin Treatment will work to reduce frizz and keep your hair healthy and straight for up to 3 months. While lots of body still looks good, sleek and straight will be the bigger choice this fall.

Look from the Fall 2012 Alexander Wang fashion show

You've still got a little bit of time left this summer to rock your beachy waves but now you’re prepared for what is to come this fall in hair trends!

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