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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Which Hunger Games Color Are You?

From sleek and chic to trendy and girly, plus a little bit earthy; China Glaze brings you a nail polish collection surrounding the huge blockbuster hit, The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games nail polish by China Glaze is created to depict the 12 districts shown throughout the movie, and each color in the collection is reminiscent of a specific characteristic making this collection personal and fun!

With 12 different nail polish colors by China Glaze to choose from, we’re giving you a breakdown of what each color means. Of course you can snag the complete China Glaze, The Hunger Games nail polish collection, but if you’d rather stick to just a few that best suits your tastes, check out our interpretation of each individual color:

Foie Gras French for “Fat liver”, this is a food item made of the liver of a duck or goose. While this may not sound appetizing, we like to think the person who will wear this is adventurous and willing to try something as different as fat liver. The Foie Gras color is perfect for the daring type.

Dress Me Up This is a pink hue, reminding us that girls just want to have fun! The Dress Me Up color from the Hunger Games nail polish collection will be perfect for a girly girl who likes to dress up in her finest outfits and have lots of fun.

Fast Track These days, lots of us are living life in the fast lane with work, school, activities and tons of other things. So this glitter inspired color mimics a fast paced life. If you are one who is always on the go, you will enjoy this Hunger Games collection nail polish color.

Hook and Line From fishing to hiking, this China Glaze nail polish color targets outdoor lovers. The gritty color reminds us that the outdoors is an extraordinary place so why not wear the outdoors in the form of a nail polish?  

Stone Cold The Stone Cold nail polish color from the Hunger Games collection is a smoky, silver shade that’s sexy. The woman who wears this is fabulous and confident, but most of all, she’s stone cold awesome!

Smoke And Ashes After the fire comes the smoke and ashes. This China Glaze nail polish color is made just for the ones who aren’t afraid to play with fire. We don’t literally mean fire; we’re just using that as a metaphor for those who crave adventure and spontaneity.  

Agro Short for agriculture, this is perfect for the environmentally friendly crowd. It’s bold, it’s sparkly and most importantly, it lets you go green!

Mahogany This China Glaze nail polish color from The Hunger Games collection is the perfect shade of wood. While we aren’t calling those who suit this color tree huggers, we will say that it works well for the loving and nurturing types.

Harvest Moon This shade of brown really pops! It’s as shiny as a copper penny and will make you think of the fun times had during a night on the town. This specific The Hunger Games nail polish color from China Glaze is great for ones who really love the night life.

Riveting Just as it sounds, you will certainly capture the attention of others with this color from The Hunger Games nail polish collection. This nail polish color is both bold and chic and great for that riveting gal who doesn’t mind claiming the limelight.

Electrify While this is another fabulous brown shade by China Glaze, it exudes high energy and causes a spark. So the person who sports this color well will most likely be a little bit electrifying. They’ll be outgoing and a little bit sparkly too!

Luxe And Lush Last but certainly not least, Luxe And Lush was created for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Lavish luxury is the theme of this nail polish color and its metallic flecks are a true show-stopper.

Now that you know what each color means, you have the tools to suit up for your Hunger Games and the best part – now these colors are only $4.99 at

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