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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wound Be Gone from Wake Pharma US

Wound-Be-Gone®, a newly developed topical gel which is being used and tested in the clinical setting to help to speed the healing process, has begun to show some remarkable returns.

Wound-Be-Gone®, which offers an active ingredient that binds the oxygen free radicals that may slow the healing process and increase inflammation, also provides some additional benefits that are proving nearly as important as the quicker healing. The formula, unique among wound care gels, is a revolutionary method of treating minor injuries, as well as chronic and acute wounds, proving to be helpful in lowering both inflammation and pain experienced with such wounds. In addition to those beneficial effects, Wound-Be-Gone® is helping to prevent the formation of scars. By decreasing the tissue inflammation, providing a moist healing environment, and maximizing the body's ability to heal, the formation of scar tissue is being lessened dramatically.

Why use Wound-Be-Gone®?
Clinical tests have proven Wound-Be-Gone®:
♦ Creates optimal pH in the wound, accelerating the healing process
♦ Moisturizes the wound, preventing scab formation
♦ Helps to decrease swelling, redness, itching and discomfort
♦ Helps to control infection by shielding healthy tissue
♦ Helps to protect the wound from contamination
♦ Helps to eliminate odor and pus within 12 hours

How to use Wound-Be-Gone®:
♦ Clean the wound using mild soap and water. Use normal salin for full thickness wounds or ulcers.
♦ Apply a thin layer of Wound-Be-Gone® to the entire affected area.
♦ Cover the wound with a non-adhesive bandage.
♦ Reapply as necessary every 12-24 hours.

Wake Pharma Wound Be Gone Hydrophilic Gel .18oz(5g)   Wake Pharma Wound Be Gone Hydrophilic Gel .18oz(5g)
Wake Pharma Wound Be Gone Hydrophilic Gel 1.06oz(30g)   Wake Pharma Wound Be Gone Hydrophilic Gel 1.06oz(30g)

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